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Whenever you leave the country, you're always told to be wary of the food you indulge in. In Mexico, you're not to drink the water. In Egypt, tourists are advised not to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Who wants to deal with the hassle of having to fear the worst when you're trying to eat? Why not travel somewhere where the eats are good no matter what and where you can trust the food you're putting in your mouth? Why not try Panama City, a country whose local dining fare is so diverse and eclectic that you may forget that you've stepped outside the North American borders.

One of the best things about leaving the country is checking out some of the local cuisine. In Panama, you're bound to find a lot of food's rich with corn, most of which may come off as very familiar. From tortillas to empanadas to the somewhat less familiar bolos, corn is a primary ingredient that typically makes up the outer layer of many Panamanian foods. You'll also find yourself indulging in plenty of rice and beans, a staple of Central American dishes. You should find yourself having a hard time getting familiar with local menus. Plenty of options, such as tamales, are going to be rather familiar – though the flavors will be beyond anything you've had close to home.

If you're looking for the right place to eat, you're going to find yourself surrounded by many choices. On top of local cuisines, you're going to have a vast choice of restaurants that offering a sundry of dining options that will make you feel like you're home. Let's just assume you want to stick with local flavors, though; in which case you will want to stick with places like Diablicos, Restaurante Bar El Bodegon, and Mercado de Mariscos. At these locales, you'll find yourself amidst a menu of succulent options made from the freshest of local ingredients. Choose from an assortment of appetizers, including salmon tartar and lead into a succulent roast rack of lamb or mixed rice in paella. You can even find yourself indulging in some Latin American cuisine at La Tasca de Duran.

Not the adventurous type? It may be best to stick with familiar cuisines, such as Italian and American. Sure, you can get a nice juicy steak at any of the aforementioned establishments, but only at the New York Bagel Café will you be able to kick back with a hot coffee and a deliciously fresh bagel in hand for breakfast. For dinner, head over to La Chesa for some authentic Italian cuisine. The chef's red sauce is so delightful that you'll forget you're in Panama. Start off with a flavorful antipasto before diving into one of the signature dishes.

Panama. Outside of offering some beautiful spots to sight see and an abundance of entertainment, the country's locals will also guarantee that your belly remains as full as possible. Despite what sort of foods you may lean towards, Panamanian cuisine can accommodate all taste buds.