Helicopter Transportation to Megapolis Hotel
Helicopter Transportation to Megapolis Hotel
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Helicopter Transportation to Megapolis Hotel

Helicopters have been used for decades for a wide range of uses, such as to rescue people in hard-to-reach places or quickly transport injured patients to hospitals. Today, helicopter transportation is available for personal and private use, meaning you can reserve a helicopter to transport you to nearly any location you’d like. In Panama, many visitors choose helicopter transfers to get to their destination quickly and efficiently.

At VIP in Panama, we offer a vast selection of luxury transportation options, ranging from sleek limousines to exotic cars like Mercedes and Lamborghini. We also offer heli transportation directly from the airport to the Megapolis Hotel in Panama, along with other VIP perks. Learn more about our helicopter transportation services and what you can expect when you request this prestigious service.

Helicopter Transportation from Airport to Hotel

With the ability to carry multiple passengers and bypass heavy traffic, luxury helicopter transportation has greatly increased in popularity in recent years. These powerful aircrafts provide fast, smooth travel without the necessity of airports for maximum convenience. What makes helicopter travel so unique is the ability to depart from a wide range of locations and arrive at other places in the city in just a brief amount of time.

Helicopter transportation to the beautiful Megapolis Hotel is a common request in Panama. The upscale hotel in Panama City is a beloved accommodation among travelers due to its myriad of attractive features and amenities. The hotel towers 66 stories that overlook Panama’s oceanfront and offers perks like an outdoor pool, space, three bars, two restaurants, and a nearby outlet mall and casino.

The Megapolis Hotel is also a go-to destination for individuals traveling by helicopter. The hotel has a helicopter landing pad that sits on top of the hotel, allowing travelers to get from the Panama airport to the Megapolis Hotel without dealing with the hassles of traffic and similar issues that can arise on the ground. Skip the tedious airport transfers and opt for a relaxing helicopter ride directly from the airport to your hotel.

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Customizable Helicopter Transportation Packages

Our team at VIP in Panama wants to ensure that your visit to Panama is smooth from the moment you step off the plane. We offer a complete VIP package that starts with a meet and greet at the airport.

Instead of having to drag your luggage through the airport and hopefully hail a taxi, you’ll be met by your personal escort who will hold a small sign with your name to get your attention. Your escort will then take care of your luggage, allowing you to leisurely walk to the helicopter waiting for you at the airport.

In addition to convenient airport pickup and helicopter transport to the Megapolis Hotel, our team at VIP in Panama is open to any other requestions you may have for transportation, accommodations, or entertainment needs during your time in Panama. Our services are always customizable to ensure that you have a stress-free experience throughout your visit.

Traveling can be a major hassle, especially when you’re limited to traditional vehicles. Helicopter transportation changes the game by allowing individuals the opportunity to bypass ground traffic and enjoy the incredible views of the city while soaring overhead.

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Today, more and more travelers are seeking alternative modes of travel that are faster, safer, and less stressful. Helicopter transportation is one such option for those who want a luxury travel experience and want to avoid the hassles of taxi cabs, rental cars, and ride-share services. Contact the experts at VIP in Panama to learn more about our services.

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